The 9th Scroll

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Table of Contents

The 9th Scrool Issue #001 - 2016

  • Models from the 9th Age
    Just a quick look at what your fellow hobbyists are doing!
  • Version 1.2
    Big Changes are coming!
  • Vloggers you should follow!
    Looking at the other content creators.
  • Club Focus
    Lotr Utrecht
  • Making Movement Trays
    By Henry Miller
  • Battle Report: SE vs OG
    SmithF bring us a battlereport!

The 9th Scrool Issue #002 - october 2016

  • Painting Guide
    Kapten Kluns explains how to paint rust
  • Game Design
    Sir Joker from the RT explains the design process.
  • Balance
    The RT explains how they work at balancing the game.
  • A Look behind the Screen
    Background and CDS explain about their tasks.
  • How to use Chaff
    Gustenpjeves explains what Chaff is, and how to use it.
  • Army Spotlight
    Looking at Wraths WDG army
  • The Changes
    Eriks gives us a indepth patchnote!

The 9th Scrool Issue #003 - may 2017

  • News And Events
    The 9th Age Staff
  • Rules Team News And Updates
    Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Dread Elves
  • Background And Arts Q&A
    Background On The 9th Age World
  • Painting Masterclass
    Non-Metalic Metals (NMMs)
  • Painting Competition
  • Battle Of Hannaphuk
    A 9th Age Battle Report
  • Terrain Masterclass
    Desert Hills And Rock Formations
  • Army Showcase
    The Ratmen Of Under-Talabheim
  • Company Showcase
    Hidden Dreams

The 9th Scrool Issue #004 - july 2017

  • Painting competition
    Winner announcement!
  • Saurian Ancients Narrative
    ‘Changes’ by Geof Higgins
  • Community Showcase
    The Privateer Poza Boyz
  • Infernal Dwarves
    An overview by Blonde Beer
  • Background & Arts
    More knowledge from the Sage
  • Minihammer
    Portable 10mm Adventures in the 9th Age.
  • Occultism
    a rough guide to the occult
  • The Green Idol: It Lives!
    Bring your own idol to the table

The 9th Scrool Issue #005 - september 2017

The 9th scrool Issue №005 - september 2017.jpg
  • Spellbook 101
    Nicreap’s Ultimate Magic Guide v1.2
  • Background & Arts
    On races and and their magic
  • Battle of pack ice
    Highborn Elves and Warriors of the Dark Gods
  • Company showcase
    An article by: Rotten Factory
  • Product review: Biostrip 20
    An article by: cm284
  • A price to pay
    A narrative by: 2DSick
  • Internal balance at the etc
    An arrticle by: JimMorr
  • The etc experience
    The Welsh Perspective

The 9th Scrool Issue #006 - november 2017

The 9th scrool Issue №006 - november 2017.jpg
  • Battle for Lithenheim
    Battle report by Rasmus Jørgensen and Henry Miller
  • Army showcase
    Sperber’s Highborn Elves Army
  • Company showcase
    LastSword Miniatures
  • Painting demonic blades
    An article by: Kapten Kluns
  • Ninth Age starter set
    Tabletop Miniatures Solotions (TMS)
  • Beginners corner: choosing a new army
    Article by AxelVicious
  • Sneak peeks and build up for 2.0: an acs perspective
    An articvle by: DJWoodelf

The 9th Scrool Issue #007 - january 2018

The 9th scrool Issue №007 - january 2018.jpg
  • Official background - 11 page
  • Wotdg: barbarians of åskland - 14 page
  • Vermin swarm book review - 22 page
  • Battle of the Taphrian coast - 26 page
  • Rogues & Dolls tournament - 44 page
  • Company showcases - 50 page

The 9th Scrool Issue #008 - march 2018

The 9th scrool Issue №008 - march 2018.jpg
  • Wotdg: some thoughts on background - 4 page
  • There be Demons - 12 page
  • Army showcase: Sylvan Elves - 22 page
  • Sundering of the giant isles - 30 page
  • The goblin factory - 48 page
  • Make your own gaming mat - 50 page
  • Resin bases alternatives - 54 page

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