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Table of Contents

Download The Watchman №1 winter 2007

  • An Army For All Phases
    Sark Elves
  • Free Fi Fo Thump
    How to kill a gigant
  • The Woods have Eyes
    Wood Elves & Empire face off against Chaos & Orcs
  • Tactica: Bretonnia
  • Empire in Review
    Valtaire reviws the new Emire book
  • Meeting the Golden Demon
    Harry enters the Golden Demon contest for the first time
  • Gaming Standard
  • Unlimited Edition
  • The Lost and the Damden
  • "Welcome to the Jungle"
    Lizardmen Army Showcase
  • Whispers from the Warp
    An interview with the author of the 'Liber' books
  • The Necrachs Lair
  • Army on a Shoestring (Ash Makes an Aymy)
  • The Continuous Tales of Golgfag Maneater
  • Pirates of Plague
    Brett Amundson's Pirates of Plague
  • The Librariu
    Warrior Priests of Myrmidia, Verena and Jaal
  • Word from the Javein
  • Shiny Bits
    Getting the most out of the Orcs & Goblins Inventory
  • Smartillery
    Using Artillery in the Wahammer World (part 1: Dwarf)
  • Smartillery
    Using Artillery in the Wahammer World (part 2: The Empire)
  • The Strigany
    An analysis of the people of Mourkain
  • Lord of the Glade
    Using Wood Elf Heros

Download The Watchman №2 artil 2007

  • An Army For All Phases
    Ashc takes an indepth look at making a Beastman army for all phases.
  • Dead Thrifty
    Harry collects a Tomb Kings army on a budget through eBay
  • Battle at Hel Fenn
    EvC takes us back to the climatic battle of the Vampire Wars in a new scenario.
  • Wood Elf Showcase
    Proximity shows off his wonderful Wood Elf army in this showcase
  • Total Carnage
    Voltaire loses his tournament virginitiy in spectacular fashion.
  • Artists Attack
    The Watchman gets some words from its artists and showcases some of their work
  • Big Hat Attack
    Bas from the Ogre stronghold is interviewed about his awesome Chaos Dwarf Ogre army
  • The Monsters Ball
    Voltaire discusses the ways in which you can use monsters in your games of Warhammer.
  • An interview with Albert
    Harry interviews the Slayer Sword winner in great detail.
  • Warhammer for Dummies
    Jedi152 looks into Warhammer for how people can get into Warhammer and discusses the bits and bobs of finding Warhammer source books
  • An Artists Dilemna
    Bubble Ghost presents a small but brilliantly written bit of fiction to make you smile.
  • Priests of Myrmidia
    We finally give you the rules for these priests.
  • Word on the Street
    Harry presents what he has heard from the rumour mill of the Warhammer World and the 40k multiverse.
  • The Final Word
    Voltaire gives some insight into the Watchman, future plans and a possible combining with the Overwatch.
  • Next Issue Preview
    A short preview of things to come next issue!

Download The Watchman №3 summer 2007

  • An army for all phases
    This issue, voltaire turns his attentions to the tomb kings of khemri inour long running series of tactica.
  • Shadow warrior pt. 1
    Shadowseer crofty pens the first chapter to his asur saga.
  • Avatar of war
    In a watchman exclusive, harry cornered the talented sculptor felix peniagua.
  • Darkness rising
    Voltaire pits the cunning of his beast herd against the undying legions of evc.
  • Model photographer
    Ever wanted to take better photos of your miniatures? Hyun from wee toy soldiers shows us how!
  • Madness on the fields!
    Sureshot05 gives us terrain objectives for warhammer fantasy battle.
  • Expand and conquer!
    With the re - release of mighty empires, mad doc grotsnik has some expansion ideas for your games.
  • Bushido
    In this issue’s army showcase, we have a look at mike beanland’s fantastic nippon dogs of war.
  • Abyss pt. 1
    A seemingly innocent scrap of parchment hides a sinister secret in this tale by neknoh.
  • Carpe noctem
    The results are in from the carpe noctem modelling competition over at
  • Necrarchs lair
    Psychosis pc reveals how to model excellent armoured beastmen using the current plastic chaos range.
  • Tag team taylor
    In our second interview this issue, harry interrogates the award winning couple andy and nicola taylor.
  • The final word
    Barious ravings from the watchman staff.
  • Submissions
    Want to contribute? Here is how to go about it!

Download The Watchman №4 summer 2008

  • Army for All phases: Daemons of Chaos
    Voltaire rages on with our ever popular series of flexible army lists to take on anyone.
  • Road to ruin part1:
    Our first ever Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay scenario where we flesh out how to link games of Warhammer together through narratives.
  • Shadow warrior part 2:
    Ralthemar returns in the conclusion to Shadowseer Crofty’s adventures in the shattered city of Mordheim!
  • Build your own lightbox!
    Pro photographer Jeffrey Bail gives us the low down on how to build your own photographic studio for a tenner!
  • Bed & Battles
    McMullet reviews the first gamer geared holiday homes deep in the heart of France! Yes, your wife would probably leave you if you took her here!
  • Like a bat out of hell!
    Ric Sweet shows us how to sculpt a Strigoi vampire from scratch.
  • Deutsche invasion!
    In a double whammy, you get not one, but two Golden Demon winners letting us in on their winning receipe!
  • Games day 2007: a recap
    With Games Day 2008 on the horizon, a recap of last year’s event will whet your appetites for the big day.
  • Warhammer legendary battles: supplment
    Voltaire provides expanded rules and the first of our data sheets for mega battles!
  • The final word
    We try to make excuses for reasons why this magazine has taken a year to put together.

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